The Bridge of Sighs at St John’s College, taken standing on its other bridge the Kitchen Bridge

Hello, and welcome to ‘Maria Explores’

It’s a couple of years since I blogged regularly, so I’m excited to be returning to the blogging world.

Although mainly focused on the East of England area, which is where my home city of Cambridge lies, you’ll also find posts from my adventures around the rest of the UK when the opportunity presents itself.

I am a freelance writer based close to the beautiful University city of Cambridge and currently write articles for the localsecrets website (link below) around my full time admin job. If you would like to read a selection of my articles you can find links to a selection in my ‘Articles’ tab.

My main writing interest is history (especially local history) and this will make up the majority of my posts. However, I also have a keen interest in wildlife conservation and the arts but have less writing experience of those. I thought it would be fun to explore my interest in them, interspersing them between my history writing. A little interlude now and again!

So that’s my blog, me exploring history, with a splash of wildlife and the arts. Things that fascinate me and inspire me to tell you what I’ve discovered. I hope you will be entertained and informed and enjoy my posts as much as I will enjoy writing them.

If you have anything related to history, wildlife or the arts you would like me to try/see/visit and you think it would make a good blog post, let me know. I like a challenge, and an adventure!

Thank you for visiting, your comments are very welcome!


My website http://www.mariahopwoodfreelancewriter.com/

My previous blog Sudden Flashes of Inspiration

Local Secrets Local Secrets



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